FIFA Soccer 13


Whether you say it FIFA 13 or call it as FIFA Soccer 13, it is one of the popular game in North America. For the complete understanding, it is twentieth edition of Electronic Arts by highly acclaimed association football FIFA video game series. It is developed by EA Canada studios and probably will be launched worldwide by Electronic arts under the EA label.

This game will be released for the following gaming consoles PlayStation3, wii u, xbox360, PS2, nintendo, Microsoft windows Osi platforms. A demo of this was released on 11th September 2012 and the download was unbelievably recorded as 1.99 million times with in the slot of three days. The final launch for the game, tentative date have come across and most probably it will be on 25th September 2012 worldwide.

From all the research and analysis it is been concluded that the FIFA Soccer 13 delivers the deepest and the largest feature set in the history of this particular franchise. This is known to be as five game changing innovations create a true battle of possession, it manages to provide freedom and creativity in attacks to players. Also it captures all the drama and unpredictability of real world football.

FIFA Soccer 13 of platform Xbox360 Product Features:

This new edition is set at its best with attacking intelligence feature. It involves new positions wiring attacking players with all the intelligence to analyze the plays. To position themselves so that the players can create a new attacking opportunity.

FIFA soccer 13 is being considered as the dribbling one. It make the touch matter a lot with all the creative control to attack and provides the freedom to exploit one versus one opportunities.

It has got a brand new trapping feature which eliminates near perfect control for each and every player by developing the uncertainty around trapping.


Another great feature is that it includes two new passing options give players the ability to couple passes over the outstretched leg of a defender or left through balls to teammates.

Over 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players - free cheat codes. We can say that it has got a complete authenticity.

In the FIFA soccer 13 all the essential elements have been refined thoroughly to make the experience more authentic. Referees will now make better decisions awarding fouls and cards, goalkeeper intelligence has been improved.